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USB Controller for piezo driven inertial positioners

USB Controller for piezo driven inertial positioners

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USB Controller for piezo driven inertial positioners

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A USB controller for piezo-driven inertial positioners is a device that allows you to control and manipulate the position of piezoelectric-driven stages or positioners through a USB connection. These controllers are commonly used in research, manufacturing, and automation applications where precise positioning and motion control are required. Here are some key features and considerations for such controllers:
  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the USB controller is compatible with the specific piezo-driven inertial positioner you intend to use. Different manufacturers may have different communication protocols and requirements.
  2. Communication Interface: USB is a common interface for connecting the controller to a computer. Ensure that the controller has the necessary USB drivers and software for your operating system.
  3. Software Control: Most USB controllers come with dedicated software or drivers that allow you to control and program the motion of the piezo positioner. This software typically provides features like position setting, velocity control, and scripting capabilities.
  4. Motion Control Capabilities: Check the controller's specifications to ensure it can meet your motion control requirements. This includes precision, speed, and range of motion. Piezo-driven positioners are known for their high precision and rapid response.
  5. Feedback and Closed-Loop Control: Some controllers offer feedback mechanisms, such as capacitive sensors or encoders, for closed-loop control. This helps maintain accurate positioning and compensates for hysteresis and other non-linearities in the piezo actuators.
  6. Integration: Consider how well the USB controller integrates into your existing setup or system. Some controllers may have additional I/O ports for triggering external devices or sensors.
  7. Safety Features: Depending on your application, safety features like overcurrent protection, thermal management, and emergency stop capabilities may be important.
  8. Customization: Look for controllers that offer flexibility and customization options to adapt to different piezo-driven positioners and specific application needs.
  9. User Interface: Check the user interface of the controller's software. It should be user-friendly and provide intuitive tools for programming and controlling motion.
  10. Documentation and Support: Ensure that the manufacturer provides comprehensive documentation, user manuals, and technical support to help you set up and operate the controller effectively.
  11. Cost: Consider your budget and compare the features and capabilities of different USB controllers to find the one that best suits your needs.
  12. Power Requirements: Verify the power requirements of the USB controller and ensure that it can provide the necessary power to drive your piezo positioner.

Works with USB-voltage (no additional power supply needed)

Operates up to 3 axes


USB Controller for piezo driven inertial positioners

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