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Miniature monomode coupler with piezo electric inertial motor


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Miniature monomode coupler with piezo electric inertial motor

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A miniature monomode coupler with a piezoelectric inertial motor combines two key technologies: a monomode (single-mode) coupler for optical signal manipulation and a piezoelectric inertial motor for precise and compact motion control. Here's a breakdown of these components and their integration: 1. Miniature Monomode Coupler: This component, as described earlier, is used for optical signal manipulation in single-mode optical fibers. It can couple, split, or manipulate optical signals with minimal loss and high precision. In the context of this integration, it serves as the optical interface for directing or managing optical signals. 2. Piezoelectric Inertial Motor: A piezoelectric inertial motor is a type of precision motor that operates based on the piezoelectric effect. It generates linear or rotational motion by applying voltage to piezoelectric elements, causing them to expand or contract. This motion can be highly precise and is often used in applications where fine control and positioning are required. The integration of a piezoelectric inertial motor with a miniature monomode coupler can have several potential applications:
  1. Precision Fiber Optic Alignment: The piezoelectric motor can be used to precisely position and align the monomode coupler's optical elements with sub-micron accuracy. This is critical in applications such as fiber optic communications and optical testing setups.
  2. Tunable Optical Filters: By using the piezoelectric motor to adjust the position of optical components within the coupler, it's possible to create tunable optical filters or wavelength-selective devices, allowing for dynamic control of optical signals.
  3. Microscopy and Imaging: In microscopy and imaging systems, this integration can enable precise scanning or focusing of optical signals, improving image quality and enabling advanced imaging techniques.
  4. Interferometry: In interferometric setups, such as Michelson or Mach-Zehnder interferometers, the combination of a monomode coupler and a piezoelectric motor can provide the necessary control for interference pattern manipulation.
  5. Fiber Optic Sensing: In fiber optic sensing applications, this integration can be used to control the interaction between the sensing fiber and the external environment, allowing for fine-tuned measurements.

For SMA connector with NA of 0.38

For high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-6) mbar

Compact triaxial fibre coupler stage


Miniature monomode coupler with piezo electric inertial motor

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