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MT25 - Mirror Tilting Stage with mirror adapter vacuum edition

Mirror Tilting Stag

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MT25 - Mirror Tilting Stage with mirror adapter vacuum edition

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  1. Mirror Tilting Stage: A mirror tilting stage is a precision mechanical device used in various optical and laser applications. It is designed to hold and precisely tilt or adjust the orientation of a mirror or other optical components. These stages are commonly used in setups involving lasers, interferometers, microscopy, and other optical systems to control the direction of light beams.
  2. Mirror Adapter: A mirror adapter, in the context of optics, is an accessory that allows you to mount a mirror onto an optical system. It typically consists of mechanical components designed to securely hold the mirror in place while allowing for precise adjustments in terms of its orientation, angle, and position within an optical setup. Mirror adapters are essential for aligning and integrating mirrors into various optical systems.

Angular adjustment 6deg (+-3deg) in two axes

With mirror adapter for mirrors larger than dia. 12.7mm

Free opening of 9mm

For high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-6) mbar


MT25 - Mirror Tilting Stage with mirror adapter

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