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MT25 - Mirror Tilting Stage with mirror adapter

Mirror Tilting Stage

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MT25 - Mirror Tilting Stage with mirror adapter

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  1. Mirror Tilting Stage: This is a mechanical stage or mount designed to securely hold a mirror. It allows for precise tilting and adjustment of the mirror's orientation. Mirror tilting stages often have fine adjustment controls, such as micrometer screws or precision actuators, to control the tilt angle accurately. These stages are essential for aligning mirrors in optical setups to control the direction of light beams.
  2. Mirror Adapter: The mirror adapter is a component that interfaces between the mirror and the tilting stage. It is designed to securely attach the mirror to the stage while allowing for precise adjustments. Mirror adapters may have features such as mounting threads or clamps to hold the mirror in place and ensure stability. They are essential for ensuring that the mirror is firmly and accurately positioned within the optical system.
The combination of a mirror tilting stage and a mirror adapter allows for fine control and adjustment of the mirror's orientation, which is crucial in optical experiments and setups involving lasers, interferometers, microscopy, and other optical systems. These components help direct and manipulate light beams precisely to achieve the desired optical effects or measurements. The specific design and features of a mirror tilting stage with a mirror adapter may vary depending on the manufacturer and intended application. If you are looking for a specific product or need detailed information about one, I recommend consulting the manufacturer's documentation or contacting the manufacturer directly for specific product specifications and details.

Angular adjustment 6deg (+-3deg) in two axes

With mirror adapter for mirrors larger than dia. 12.7mm

Free opening of 9mm


MT25 - Mirror Tilting Stage with mirror adapter

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