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Miniature monomode coupler

Miniature monomode coupler

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Miniature monomode coupler

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A miniature monomode coupler, also known as a single-mode coupler or SMF (Single-Mode Fiber) coupler, is a specialized optical component used in fiber optic communication and other optical applications. It is designed to couple or combine optical signals in single-mode optical fibers. Here are the key features and functions of a miniature monomode coupler:
  1. Single-Mode Fiber (SMF): Single-mode optical fibers have a small core diameter, typically around 9 micrometers, which allows them to support only a single optical mode (or path). This characteristic enables them to transmit light signals over long distances with minimal signal dispersion and low loss, making them ideal for high-speed and long-distance optical communication.
  2. Coupling: A monomode coupler is used to couple or transfer optical signals between two or more single-mode optical fibers. It can combine multiple input signals into one output fiber (combiner) or split an input signal into multiple output fibers (splitter).
  3. Low Insertion Loss: High-quality miniature monomode couplers are designed to minimize signal loss during the coupling process, ensuring efficient signal transfer.
  4. Low Cross-Talk: Cross-talk refers to the unwanted transfer of optical signals between input and output ports. Miniature monomode couplers are engineered to have low cross-talk levels to maintain signal integrity.
  5. Compact Size: These couplers are often designed to be compact and space-efficient, making them suitable for use in various optical devices and systems where space is limited.
  6. Wavelength Dependence: The performance of a monomode coupler can be wavelength-dependent. Some couplers are optimized for specific wavelength ranges, while others may operate across a broader spectrum. It's important to choose a coupler that matches the wavelength of the optical signals in your application.

For SMA connector with NA of 0.38

For high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-6) mbar

Compact triaxial fibre coupler stage


Miniature monomode coupler

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