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MK25 FC coupler 0.38 vacuum edition


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MK25 FC coupler 0.38 vacuum edition

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A miniature monomode coupler, often referred to as a single-mode coupler or SMF (Single-Mode Fiber) coupler, is an optical device used in fiber optic communications and applications. It is designed to combine or split optical signals in single-mode optical fibers. Here's an overview of its key characteristics and applications: 1. Single-Mode Fiber (SMF): Single-mode optical fibers have a small core diameter and support only a single optical mode. This allows them to transmit light signals over longer distances with low dispersion and low loss, making them suitable for high-speed and long-distance communications. 2. Coupling: The primary function of a single-mode coupler is to couple or transfer optical signals between two or more single-mode optical fibers. This can involve combining multiple input signals into one output fiber (combiner) or splitting an input signal into multiple output fibers (splitter). 3. Low Insertion Loss: Miniature monomode couplers are designed to minimize signal loss during the coupling process. High-quality couplers have low insertion loss, ensuring efficient signal transfer. 4. Low Cross-Talk: Cross-talk refers to the unwanted transfer of optical signals between input and output ports. Good single-mode couplers have low cross-talk to maintain signal integrity. 5. Compact Size: Miniature monomode couplers are often designed to be compact and space-efficient, making them suitable for use in various optical devices and systems where space is limited. 6. Wavelength Dependence: The performance of single-mode couplers can be wavelength-dependent. Some couplers are optimized for specific wavelength ranges or operate across a broader spectrum. It's important to choose a coupler suitable for the intended wavelength of your optical signals. Applications: Miniature monomode couplers find applications in various optical and telecommunications systems, including:
  1. Fiber Optic Communication Networks: They are used in optical splitters and combiners for signal distribution and routing in fiber optic networks, such as passive optical networks (PONs) and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems.
  2. Sensors: In optical sensor systems, couplers are used to split and combine optical signals for sensing and measurement purposes, such as in environmental monitoring or industrial sensing applications.
  3. Test and Measurement: Couplers are used in laboratories and testing environments to characterize optical components, measure optical power, and perform other optical measurements.
  4. Biomedical Imaging: In biomedical and microscopy applications, single-mode couplers are used for efficient light delivery and collection in optical imaging systems.
  5. Lasers and Light Sources: Couplers can be used to couple laser light into single-mode fibers for applications like fiber lasers and optical amplifiers.

For high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-6) mbar

For FC connector with NA of 0.38

Compact triaxial fibre coupler stage


MK25 FC coupler 0.38 vacuum edition

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