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Ultra small miniature translation stages

Ultra small miniature translation stages

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Ultra small miniature translation stages

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Ultra-small miniature translation stages are precision mechanical devices designed for precise linear motion and positioning in applications where space is limited, and precise motion control is required. These stages are characterized by their compact size and high precision. Here are some key features and applications of ultra-small miniature translation stages: Key Features:
  1. Compact Size: These stages are designed to be extremely compact, often with small footprints and low profiles, making them ideal for setups with limited space.
  2. High Precision: Ultra-small stages are known for their high precision and accuracy, often with resolutions in the micron or even sub-micron range. They are capable of precise positioning and controlled movement.
  3. Low Friction: They typically use precision ball bearings or air bearings to minimize friction, ensuring smooth and stable motion.
  4. Drive Mechanisms: Various drive mechanisms can be used, including manual, motorized, or piezoelectric actuators, depending on the specific requirements of the application.
  5. Feedback Systems: Many of these stages incorporate feedback systems, such as encoders or capacitive sensors, to provide accurate position feedback for closed-loop control.
Applications: Ultra-small miniature translation stages find applications in a wide range of fields, including:
  1. Microscopy: Used for precise sample positioning and scanning in optical and electron microscopy, enabling high-resolution imaging.
  2. Microelectronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing: In semiconductor equipment and microelectronics manufacturing, they are used for wafer alignment, inspection, and testing.
  3. Biotechnology and Life Sciences: Applied in lab automation for sample handling, analysis, and precise positioning of microfluidic devices.
  4. Photonics and Optics: Utilized for optical component alignment, fiber optic coupling, and laser beam steering.
  5. Materials Science: In material characterization and testing equipment to manipulate samples and probe materials at the micro and nanoscale.
  6. Precision Metrology: Applied in metrology systems for the measurement of various physical quantities, such as length, thickness, and flatness.
  7. Research and Development: Used in various research applications across physics, chemistry, and engineering, where precision positioning is required for experiments and testing.
  8. Medical Devices: In medical device manufacturing and testing, they are used for tasks like laser machining and precise positioning of optical components.

For ultra-high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-9) mbar

3.5 mm travel in x, y and z direction

15 x 15 mm footprint


Ultra small miniature translation stages

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