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Kinemetical mirror tilting stage Vacuum edition

Kinemetical mirror tilting stage

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 Kinemetical mirror tilting stage Vacuum edition  

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A "kinematic mirror tilting stage Vacuum edition" is a specialized version of a mirror tilting stage designed to operate in vacuum environments. Vacuum environments are common in scientific research, space applications, and industries like semiconductor manufacturing, where the absence of air or other gases is necessary for specific processes or experiments. Here's what you might expect from a "kinematic mirror tilting stage Vacuum edition":
  1. Vacuum Compatibility: The primary feature of this stage is its compatibility with vacuum conditions. It is designed to operate reliably and maintain its performance under vacuum pressure levels, which can range from low vacuum to high vacuum or even ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions.
  2. Materials and Construction: Components used in the construction of the stage are carefully chosen to be vacuum-compatible. Common materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and ceramics. These materials must not outgas or release contaminants in a vacuum, which could interfere with experiments or processes.
  3. Sealing: The stage is equipped with vacuum-compatible seals to maintain the integrity of the vacuum environment. These seals prevent air or gases from entering the vacuum chamber.
  4. Cleanliness: Components and manufacturing processes must meet stringent cleanliness standards to ensure minimal contamination in the vacuum environment.
  5. Kinematic Coupling: The stage likely employs a kinematic coupling design to provide stable and repeatable angular adjustments, even in a vacuum. This design minimizes friction and wear.
  6. Piezoelectric Inertial Drive: As previously mentioned, the stage may use a piezoelectric inertial drive for precise angular adjustments, especially useful in vacuum applications where conventional motors or actuators might not be suitable due to outgassing or contamination concerns.
  7. Mounting Options: The stage may include vacuum-compatible mounting options to secure it within the vacuum chamber, ensuring stability during operation.
Applications for a "kinematic mirror tilting stage Vacuum edition" might include:
  • Space Experiments: In space missions or experiments conducted in vacuum conditions, where mirrors or optical components need precise control and alignment.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing: In semiconductor equipment used in vacuum chambers for processes like lithography, where optical components require accurate positioning and alignment.
  • Scientific Research: In scientific experiments, such as synchrotron beamlines, electron microscopes, or surface science studies, where vacuum conditions are necessary, and precise mirror tilting is required.
  • Optical Testing: In vacuum-based optical testing setups, where precise mirror control is essential for characterizing optical components.

For high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-6) mbar

Angular adjustment 6deg (+-3deg) in two axes

Free opening of 9mm


Kinemetical mirror tilting stage Vacuum edition

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