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Ultra small miniature translation stages with piezo electic

small miniature translation stages

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Ultra small miniature translation stages with piezo electic

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Ultra-small miniature translation stages with piezoelectric actuators are precision devices used in various applications, such as microscopy, nanotechnology, and laser optics, where precise positioning and motion control at the nanometer or micrometer scale are required. These stages typically use piezoelectric materials to achieve high-resolution and precision motion. Here's an overview of the key features and considerations for such stages: 1. Piezoelectric Actuators:
  • Piezoelectric materials, such as PZT (Lead Zirconate Titanate), are used as the actuator elements in these stages. These materials change shape when voltage is applied, allowing for precise and rapid motion control.
2. Miniature Size:
  • These stages are designed to be extremely compact, with dimensions ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. Their small size allows for integration into tight spaces.
3. High Precision:
  • Piezo actuators offer sub-nanometer resolution, making them suitable for applications requiring precise positioning and movement control. They can achieve both coarse and fine positioning.
4. Fast Response Time:
  • Piezo actuators can respond to electrical signals within microseconds, providing fast and accurate motion. This is particularly important in applications where rapid adjustments are necessary.
5. Closed-Loop Control:
  • Many miniature translation stages with piezo actuators include feedback systems (e.g., capacitive sensors) for closed-loop control. This ensures accurate positioning and compensates for hysteresis and other non-linearities in the piezo materials.
6. Flexure-Based Design:
  • To minimize friction and backlash, many miniature stages use flexure-based designs instead of traditional ball or lead-screw mechanisms. Flexures provide high stiffness and precision without the need for lubrication.
7. Travel Range:
  • The travel range of these stages can vary but is typically limited to a few millimeters or centimeters due to their compact size.
8. Vacuum Compatibility:
  • Some stages are designed to be vacuum-compatible, making them suitable for use in vacuum chambers or cleanroom environments.
9. Customization:
  • Manufacturers often offer customization options to meet specific application requirements, including different materials, sizes, and motion ranges.
10. Application Areas:
  • Miniature translation stages with piezoelectric actuators find applications in fields like microscopy (for sample scanning and focusing), laser optics (beam steering and alignment), semiconductor manufacturing (mask alignment), and more.
11. Control Electronics:
  • To operate these stages, you will need dedicated control electronics and software to apply precise voltage signals to the piezo actuators.

For ultra-high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-9) mbar

Ultra compact design

3.5mm travel

15 x 15 mm footprint


Ultra small miniature translation stages with piezo electic

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