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MS30 - 30mm with measuring for closed loop operation


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MS30 - 30mm with measuring for closed loop operation

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The term "MS30 - 30mm with measuring for closed loop operation" likely refers to a specific model or product, possibly a linear translation stage or positioning system with a 30mm travel range and a measuring system for closed-loop control. While I don't have access to real-time or specific product information beyond my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can provide some general insights into what such a system might entail:
  1. MS30 Model: "MS30" could be a model or product name used by a manufacturer to denote a specific linear translation stage or positioning system.
  2. 30mm Travel Range: The "30mm" in the description likely indicates the travel range or the maximum distance the stage can move along its linear axis. In this case, it has a 30mm range of motion.
  3. Measuring System: The presence of a "measuring system" suggests that the stage is equipped with sensors or feedback mechanisms to measure its position accurately. This is crucial for closed-loop control, where the stage's position is continuously monitored and adjusted to achieve precise positioning.
  4. Closed-Loop Operation: Closed-loop operation means that the system uses the feedback from the measuring system to adjust the position of the stage in real-time, ensuring that it reaches and maintains the desired position with high accuracy.
  5. Applications: A positioning system like the one described could be used in various applications requiring precise and controlled linear motion, such as microscopy, optical alignment, semiconductor manufacturing, metrology, and more.

30 mm travel at 45 x 52 mm footprint

For closed-loop (up to 50 nm resolution)

Multi axes combinations without adapter plates


MS30 - 30mm with measuring for closed loop operation

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