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MK25 SMA coupler 0.38 vacuum edition

MK25 SMA coupler 0.38 vacuum edition

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MK25 SMA coupler 0.38 vacuum edition

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An SMA coupler with a 0.38 connector size that is designated as a "vacuum edition" is likely a specialized component designed for use in vacuum environments. SMA connectors are commonly used in RF (radio frequency) and microwave applications, and in vacuum systems, they may require specific design considerations to maintain a vacuum-tight seal and minimize outgassing. Here are some key points to consider: 1. Connector Size (0.38): The "0.38" in the designation typically refers to the outer diameter of the SMA connector. SMA connectors come in different sizes, and 0.38 inches is a relatively small size. 2. Vacuum Compatibility: The "vacuum edition" suggests that this SMA coupler is designed to work reliably in vacuum environments, which may include high-vacuum or ultra-high-vacuum conditions. Components used in vacuum systems often need special materials and designs to withstand the conditions and maintain vacuum integrity. 3. Material Selection: In vacuum applications, materials are chosen carefully to minimize outgassing, which can contaminate the vacuum and affect its performance. Stainless steel and certain types of insulating materials are often used for vacuum-compatible connectors. 4. Vacuum Sealing: Vacuum-compatible connectors must provide a reliable vacuum seal. They may feature special gaskets, o-rings, or sealing mechanisms to achieve and maintain this seal. 5. RF Performance: SMA connectors are commonly used in RF and microwave applications, so the "vacuum edition" of this coupler should also maintain the necessary RF performance characteristics while operating in a vacuum. 6. Application: To select the right SMA coupler, you should consider the specific requirements of your vacuum application, such as the level of vacuum, frequency range, and other environmental conditions.

For SMA connector with NA of 0.38

For high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-6) mbar

Compact triaxial fibre coupler stage


MK25 SMA coupler 0.38 vacuum edition

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