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DSP50 multi-phase linear stage

multi-phase linear stage

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DSP50 multi-phase linear stage

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  1. Multiple Axes: Multi-phase linear stages typically provide motion along two or more orthogonal axes, such as X, Y, and Z axes. This allows for movement in multiple directions and precise positioning in a 2D or 3D space.
  2. High Precision: These stages are designed for high precision and repeatability, often with sub-micron or sub-millimeter resolution, depending on the specific application.
  3. Various Sizes: Multi-phase linear stages come in various sizes and load-carrying capacities to accommodate different payloads, from small laboratory equipment to large industrial machines.
  4. Drive Mechanisms: They can use various drive mechanisms, including ball screws, linear motors, or piezoelectric actuators, depending on the desired performance and application requirements.
  5. Feedback Systems: Many multi-phase linear stages incorporate feedback systems such as encoders or optical scales to provide accurate position feedback for closed-loop control.
  6. Compatibility: They are often compatible with automation and control systems, making them suitable for integration into larger automated systems.
Common applications for multi-phase linear stages include:
  1. Microscopy: Used for precise sample positioning and scanning in microscopy and imaging systems.
  2. Semiconductor Manufacturing: Used in semiconductor wafer inspection, testing, and lithography equipment.
  3. Materials Testing: Applied in materials characterization and testing equipment to measure material properties under controlled conditions.
  4. Precision Machining: Utilized for precision machining and manufacturing processes that require accurate positioning and movement.
  5. Astronomy and Optics: Used in telescopes and optical systems to adjust mirrors and lenses for accurate pointing and focusing.
  6. Biotechnology and Life Sciences: Applied in lab automation for sample handling and analysis.

Driving force up to 15 N

Repeatabilities up to 1 nm

10 mm travel at 50 x 50 mm footprint

Ultra compact multiphase stage


DSP50 multi-phase linear stage

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