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Miniature translation stage with piezo electric inertial drive with measuring system.

Miniature translation stage with piezo electric

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Miniature translation stage with piezo electric inertial drive with measuring system.

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A miniature translation stage with a piezoelectric inertial drive and a measuring system is a specialized mechanical device used for precise and controlled linear motion in various applications, particularly where high precision and nanometer-scale positioning are required. Here's a breakdown of its key components and functionalities: 1. Miniature Translation Stage: The translation stage is the core mechanical component responsible for moving an object or sample in a linear fashion along a single axis. It typically consists of a platform or stage that can move back and forth with extreme precision. These stages are often used in research, microscopy, and other applications where minute adjustments are necessary. 2. Piezoelectric Inertial Drive: The piezoelectric inertial drive is a piezoelectric actuator system designed for generating precise and rapid motion. Piezoelectric actuators are known for their high responsiveness and ability to generate extremely fine and controlled movement. In this context, they provide the driving force for the translation stage. 3. Measuring System: A measuring system is an integral part of this setup and is used to monitor and measure the position and movement of the translation stage. Common measuring systems include optical encoders, capacitive sensors, or interferometers. These systems provide feedback about the stage's position, allowing for closed-loop control and precise positioning. Key Features and Functions:
  • High Precision: The combination of a miniature translation stage and a piezoelectric inertial drive offers exceptionally high precision and repeatability in positioning, often in the nanometer or sub-nanometer range.
  • Rapid Response: Piezoelectric actuators respond rapidly to input voltage changes, enabling fast and precise motion adjustments.
  • Fine Adjustment: These systems are well-suited for applications where fine and incremental adjustments are crucial, such as in microscopy, lithography, and metrology.
Applications: Miniature translation stages with piezoelectric inertial drives and measuring systems find applications in a variety of fields, including:
  1. Microscopy: Used for precise sample scanning and positioning in optical and electron microscopy, enabling high-resolution imaging.
  2. Lithography: Applied in semiconductor lithography systems for mask and wafer positioning, which is critical in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
  3. Metrology and Inspection: Utilized in precision measurement and quality control systems where precise positioning is essential.
  4. Nanotechnology: In research and development of nanoscale devices and structures, where nanometer-level positioning is required.
  5. Optical Fiber Alignment: Used for aligning optical components and fibers in telecommunications and optical systems.
  6. Materials Science: In material characterization and research, where precise positioning is necessary for experiments and analysis.
  7. Biotechnology: Applied in biotechnology and life sciences for tasks such as cell manipulation and fluorescence spectroscopy.

30 mm travel at 45 x 52 mm footprint

For closed-loop (up to 50 nm resolution)

Multi axes combinations without adapter plates


Miniature translation stage with piezo electric inertial drive with measuring system.

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