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coupler with piezo electric inertial motor

Miniature monomode coupler with piezo electric inertial motor

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coupler with piezo electric inertial motor

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A coupler with a piezoelectric inertial motor refers to an optical or fiber-optic coupler that incorporates a piezoelectric inertial motor for precise positioning or manipulation of optical signals. This combination allows for dynamic control and adjustment of optical paths, making it useful in various optical and photonic applications. Here are some key aspects of such a coupler: 1. Coupler: An optical coupler is a device that manages the distribution and control of optical signals. It can combine multiple input optical signals into one output or split a single input into multiple outputs. In this context, the coupler is the core component for manipulating optical signals. 2. Piezoelectric Inertial Motor: A piezoelectric inertial motor, or piezo motor, is an actuator that converts electrical energy (applied voltage) into precise mechanical motion. These motors are known for their high precision, rapid response, and sub-micron positioning capability. They are often used in applications requiring fine adjustments and stability. Key Features and Functions:
  • Precision Positioning: The piezoelectric inertial motor allows for extremely fine and precise positioning of the optical elements within the coupler. This precision is crucial for controlling the direction and alignment of optical signals.
  • Rapid Response: Piezoelectric motors can respond rapidly to input voltage changes, enabling fast and precise adjustments in real-time.
  • Dynamic Control: The combination of the coupler and the piezo motor enables dynamic control of optical signals, making it suitable for applications where real-time adjustments are required.

For FC connector with NA of 0.38

Compact triaxial fibre coupler stage


coupler with piezo electric inertial motor

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