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DSP50 multi-phase linear stage

multi-phase linear stage

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DSP50 multi-phase linear stage

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  1. Multiple Axes: Multi-phase linear stages typically offer motion along two or more orthogonal (perpendicular) axes, such as X, Y, and Z. Some advanced systems may even provide additional rotational axes (e.g., pitch, yaw, roll).
  2. High Precision: These stages are engineered for high precision, often with sub-micron or sub-millimeter resolution, depending on the specific application and design.
  3. Versatility: Multi-phase linear stages come in various sizes and load-carrying capacities to accommodate different payloads, ranging from small laboratory equipment to large industrial machinery.
  4. Drive Mechanisms: They can incorporate various drive mechanisms, including ball screws, linear motors, piezoelectric actuators, or other technologies, depending on the desired performance characteristics and application requirements.
  5. Feedback Systems: Many multi-phase linear stages are equipped with feedback systems, such as encoders or optical scales, to provide accurate position feedback for closed-loop control, ensuring precise positioning.
  6. Integration Capabilities: These stages are often designed for integration with automation and control systems, making them suitable for use in larger automated systems and manufacturing processes.

Driving force up to 15 N

Repeatabilities up to 1 nm

10 mm travel at 50 x 50 mm footprint

Ultra compact multiphase stage

For NOVA controller system


DSP50 multi-phase linear stage

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