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Miniature monomode coupler

Miniature monomode coupler

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Miniature monomode coupler

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A miniature monomode coupler, also known as a single-mode fiber coupler or single-mode optical coupler, is a device used in fiber optics to combine or split optical signals with minimal loss while maintaining the single-mode characteristics of the optical fibers. These couplers are widely used in telecommunications, data communications, and optical sensing applications where precise signal manipulation is required. Here are the key features and considerations for a miniature monomode coupler: 1. Single-Mode Fiber Compatibility:
  • Monomode couplers are designed to work specifically with single-mode optical fibers, which have a narrow core size and support only one mode of light propagation. This ensures high signal quality and minimal dispersion.
2. Coupling Ratio:
  • Monomode couplers can have various coupling ratios, such as 50/50 (equal split), 90/10, or 80/20, depending on the specific application requirements. The coupling ratio determines how the input signal is distributed between the output ports.
3. Low Insertion Loss:
  • These couplers are designed to have low insertion loss, meaning that most of the input signal passes through to the desired output port with minimal attenuation.
4. Low Polarization-Dependent Loss (PDL):
  • PDL measures the variation in insertion loss with different polarizations of light. High-quality monomode couplers minimize PDL to ensure consistent performance.
5. Compact Size:
  • Miniature monomode couplers are designed to be small and compact, making them suitable for integration into small and space-constrained optical systems.
6. Wavelength Range:
  • Monomode couplers are typically designed to work within specific wavelength ranges, such as 1310 nm and 1550 nm, which are common in telecommunications and data communications.
7. Environmental Compatibility:
  • Some miniature monomode couplers are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions, including wide temperature ranges and high humidity levels.
8. Passive Device:
  • These couplers are passive devices, meaning they do not require external power or active components. They operate purely based on the principles of optical waveguides.
9. Applications:
  • Monomode couplers find applications in optical networks, fiber-optic sensors, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) systems, and various other situations where signal splitting or combining is needed.
10. Packaging:
  • The packaging of miniature monomode couplers is designed to be robust and protect the delicate optical components inside. It may include connectors or pigtails for easy integration into optical systems.
11. Customization:
  • Manufacturers often offer customization options for coupling ratios, wavelength ranges, and packaging to meet specific customer requirements.

For SMA connector with NA of 0.38

For high vacuum conditions up to 10^(-6) mbar

Compact triaxial fibre coupler stage


Miniature monomode coupler

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