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PET/PE with/without Peel

PET/PE with/without Peel)

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3-layer co-extrusion base counter-laminated on LD/LLDPE or LD/LLDPE-Peel

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A 3-layer co-extrusion base counter-laminated on LD/LLDPE or LD/LLDPE-Peel refers to a specific type of packaging film structure. Here's a breakdown of the different layers and their properties:
  1. Base Layer: The base layer is a co-extruded layer consisting of three distinct layers, each with its own material properties. The specific materials used in the co-extrusion process may vary depending on the desired characteristics of the final film.
  2. LD/LLDPE Layer: LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) and LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) are commonly used in packaging films due to their flexibility, toughness, and moisture resistance. This layer provides good sealability and strength to the film.
  3. LD/LLDPE-Peel Layer: In some cases, an additional layer known as LD/LLDPE-Peel may be included in the co-extrusion structure. This layer is specifically designed to enhance the peelability of the film, making it easier to open the packaging. The LD/LLDPE-Peel layer has lower adhesion to other surfaces, allowing for easier separation.



PET/PE with/without Peel

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