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packaging material for thermoformed trays

packaging material sicht-pack Hagner GmbH

sicht-pack Hagner GmbH

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packaging material for thermoformed trays

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As primary and secondary packaging material for thermoformed trays, firmly sealed, standard and soft Peel, etc.ETO and Gamma sterilisable Processing Form-fill-seal installations (FFS) / thermoforming installations Modifications Antiblock, Corona treatment for all customary printing processes(serigraphy, offset, flexo, rotogravure printing), inkings, metallising Standard antiblock • • • Films on the roll • • • Thickness range 150 bis 850 μ* (tolerance +/- 5%) Widths 200 up to 1350 mm* (tolerance +/- 1 mm) Roll ø Up to max. 800 mm*

150 bis 850 μ*

200 up to 1350 mm

Up to max. 800 mm


packaging material for thermoformed trays

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