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3-layer co-extrusion for blisters

3-layer co-extrusion sicht-pack Hagner GmbH

sicht-pack Hagner GmbH

72280-D Dornstetten
        21-23 Musbacher Straße

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3-layer co-extrusion blister

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As primary and secondary packaging material for thermoformed trays, sorting inlays, embossments, blister applications: for counter-sealing on blister cards, telescopic blisters, clamshells, etc.ETO and Gamma sterilisable Processing On thermoforming installations, form-fill-seal installations (FFS), folding box automats,tube drawing installations etc. Modifications Antiblock, Corona treatment for all customary printing processes(serigraphy, offset, flexo, rotogravure printing), inkings, metallising

3-layer co-extrusion

1,34 g/cm3


3-layer co-extrusion for blisters

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