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3-layer co-extrusion for convenience

3-layer co-extrusion sicht-pack Hagner GmbH

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3-layer co-extrusion for convenience

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A 3-layer co-extrusion is a manufacturing process used in the production of plastic films or sheets. It involves simultaneously extruding three different layers of plastic material through a single die to create a multi-layered structure. The purpose of using a 3-layer co-extrusion is to combine the properties of different materials in a single film or sheet, providing enhanced performance and convenience. Each layer can have specific properties such as strength, barrier properties, flexibility, or appearance, depending on the requirements of the final product. In the context of convenience, a 3-layer co-extrusion can offer various advantages:
  1. Improved functionality: By combining different materials with complementary properties, a co-extruded film can offer enhanced functionality. For example, one layer may provide puncture resistance, another may offer high clarity for product visibility, and the third layer may provide moisture or oxygen barrier properties, thereby extending the shelf life of packaged goods.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Co-extrusion allows the use of thinner layers of expensive materials by combining them with less expensive or recycled materials. This helps reduce the overall cost of the product while still maintaining the desired performance characteristics.
  3. Customization and versatility: Co-extrusion enables the creation of films or sheets with precise layer thicknesses and material combinations, offering a high degree of customization. This versatility allows manufacturers to tailor the product to meet specific requirements, such as different packaging formats or specific product protection needs.
  4. Reduced waste: Co-extrusion can reduce waste by using thinner layers of materials without compromising performance. This not only reduces raw material costs but also contributes to environmental sustainability by minimizing material usage and waste generation.

3-layer co-extrusion

1,34 g/cm3

Thickness range 150 bis 850 μ* (tolerance +/- 5%)

Widths 200 up to 1350 mm* (tolerance +/- 1 mm)


3-layer co-extrusion for convenience

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