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vacuum packages 3-layer co-extrusion

vacuum packages

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vacuum packages  3-layer co-extrusion

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Vacuum packaging refers to the process of removing air from a package before sealing it. This method is commonly used in the food industry to extend the shelf life of perishable products. Vacuum packaging helps to preserve the quality and freshness of food items by reducing oxygen levels, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and preventing spoilage. 3-layer co-extrusion is a specific type of packaging material used in vacuum packaging. It involves the simultaneous extrusion of three layers of different materials to form a single film. The three layers typically consist of a barrier layer, a sealing layer, and a protective layer. Each layer has a specific function in the vacuum packaging process. The barrier layer provides a gas and moisture barrier, preventing the exchange of gases between the packaged product and the surrounding environment. This helps to maintain the product's freshness and prevents oxygen from entering, which could cause oxidation and spoilage.

Thickness range : 180 up to 500 μ (tolérance +/- 7%)

Standard : 700 x 1000 mm, 980 x 800 mm and 1235 x 1015 mm

Tolerance : Length +/- 1 mm, width +/- 2 mm


vacuum packages 3-layer co-extrusion

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