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vacuum packages 3-layer co-extrusion

vacuum packages sicht-pack Hagner GmbH

sicht-pack Hagner GmbH

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vacuum packages 3-layer co-extrusion

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Applications For all fields of application such as modified and controlled atmosphere packaging (MAP/CAP), vacuum packages, convenience, laminated films, permanent sealig, soft-peel, peel-off and peel-off reseal, deep drawn trays, dividers. Processing Form-fill-seal installations (FFS) / thermoforming installations Modifications Antiblock, Corona treatment for all customary printing processes(serigraphy, offset, flexo, rotogravure printing), inkings, metallising Standard antiblock • • • Films on the roll • • • Thickness range 150 bis 850 μ* (tolerance +/- 5%) Widths 200 up to 1350 mm* (tolerance +/- 1 mm) Roll ø Up to max. 800 mm* Cores 76,2 mm (3”), 152,4 mm (6”), 203,2 mm (8”)Type: Reinforced cardboard core with a wall thickness of 10 mm.Alternatively: Plastic cores Packaging Rolls individually wrapped in stretch film or in PE bags Palletising Wooden Euro pallets, edge protection, plastic straps, pallets in stretch filmAlternatively: Plastic pallets

200 up to 1350 mm* (tolerance +/- 1 mm)

150 bis 850 μ* (tolerance +/- 5%)

Up to max. 800 mm*


vacuum packages 3-layer co-extrusion

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