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Cleaning of Surfaces with Plasma

Plasma cleaning from Aurion Anlagentechnik GmbH

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Cleaning of Surfaces with Plasma

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Plasma Cleaning Cleaning Surfaces is one of the possibilities offered by Plasma Technology. Various methods of generating Plasmas are used for this. The most common are the Application of High-Frequency AC voltages (40 kHz or 13.56 MHz) and excitation with Microwaves. Typical gas mixtures include oxygen, argon, and sometimes Hydrogen and Carbon Tetrafluoride (CF4). The mixture depends on the special requirements of the Cleaning process, which result from the type of contamination and the Material being treated. There are hardly any restrictions on the material to be cleaned. Temperature-sensitive plastics can be treated as well as metal, glass and ceramics. In any case, the plasma system must be adapted to the respective task. Depending on the gas mixture, the plasma has an oxidizing or reducing effect. Oxidizing plasmas are beneficial for removing organic contaminants (oils, greases), while reducing plasmas are more suitable for inorganic deposits (such as metal oxides).

Oxidizing or reducing

High degree of degreasing

High clearance

High stability


Cleaning of Surfaces with Plasma

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