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KIVOS 750 vacuum chamber

flexible modular concept for plasma systems

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KIVOS 750 vacuum chamber

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As can be seen in the diagram below, the basic element of the process chamber is a cube shaped stainless steel frame. Six sheet metal plates (modules), designed to fulfill different functions, are fixed to this frame. According to their application, the modules are manufactured from stainless steel or aluminum. Since all of the modules have the same dimensions (cube!!!), they can be exchanged among each other or replaced through other components very easily and quickly. Thus, it is not necessary to get an entirely new process chamber for a slightly different application that may only require two new flanges or a different chamber door. In some cases, it might be sufficient to exchange two or three modules among each other.

Material of the frame : stainless steel

Material of the modules : aluminum or stainless steel

Leak rate : < 5×10-5 mbar×l/s

Flanges : according to customer specification


KIVOS 750 vacuum chamber

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