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packaging material for firmly sealed

packaging material

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packaging material for firmly sealed

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When it comes to achieving a firmly sealed packaging, there are several materials that can be used depending on the specific requirements and desired level of seal strength. Here are some common packaging materials used for firmly sealed packaging:
  1. Adhesive Tapes: Various types of adhesive tapes can provide a strong and secure seal. For example, pressure-sensitive tapes like acrylic or hot melt tapes can create a reliable bond when applied to packaging surfaces. These tapes are commonly used in carton sealing applications.
  2. Heat Seal Films: Heat seal films, such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) films, are used in applications where a heat source is applied to bond the film layers together. Heat sealing provides a strong and tamper-evident seal. This method is commonly used for flexible packaging, such as bags or pouches.
  3. Shrink Wrap: Shrink wrap films, typically made of polyolefin or polyethylene, are applied around products and then heat is applied to shrink the film tightly around the item. This creates a secure and tight seal, offering protection and stability to the packaged product.
  4. Strapping Materials: Strapping materials like polypropylene (PP) or steel straps are used to firmly secure and bundle items together. These straps are tightened around the package using strapping tools or machines, ensuring a tight and strong seal.
  5. Adhesives and Sealants: Liquid adhesives or sealants can be used to create a firm bond between packaging surfaces. These materials are typically applied and allowed to cure or set, creating a strong and durable seal. They are commonly used in specialized applications or for bonding materials that are difficult to seal using other methods

Thickness range : 150 bis 850 μ (tolérance +/- 7%)

Widths : 200 up to 1350 mm (tolerance +/- 1 mm)

Roll ø : Up to max. 800 mm


packaging material for firmly sealed

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