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NOVINDUSTRA -BAGGING SYSTEM -CONTINUOUS LINER SYSTEM -PECIAL FILLING STATIONS -FILLING IN CLEANROOM'S AND GLOVE BOXES -FILLING AND DISCHARGING OF BIG-BAG'S -AUTOMATIC DRUM FILLING LINE -FILLING STATIONS FOR CARDBOARD BOXES Novindustra - About us Very briefly: NOVINDUSTRA, a Swiss company, was founded in 1961. It is situated only 25 kilometres from Basel and can be reached very easily. Our firm gives work to more than 30 people. Our core competence: We produce filling-, dosing- and weighing stations for bulk materials. In doing so, quality as well as filling accuracy and cleanliness are of utmost importance: Moreover we make sure that the systems are easy to clean. Our speciality: Your demands are in the centre of our interest: We build systems (as complex as required) using standard components that are all developed by NOVINDUSTRA. How we run a project! We take care of the thorough technical planning of a project up to the producing of the detailed drawings.
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