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semi-automatic circular saws

semi-automatic circular saws

Pressta-Eisele GmbH

56859-D Bullay
        9 Bergstraße

+49 6542 93620

+49 6542 936299

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semi-automatic circular saws

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  • Drive 7,5 kW, S 6, 400 V, 50 Hz,
  • R.P.M. of sawblade infinitely adjustable (2.000 – 3.500 R.P.M.)
  • Sawblade Ø 500mm, smaller blades on request
  • Cutting range max. 215 x 120mm (height x width)
  • Hydro pneumatic saw blade feed, Speed infinitely adjustable,
    linearly under the tabletop from rear to front
  • Material fence on the table for the cutting angle
  • Feed length limited via 4 end switch
  • horizontal profile clamping device on the feed and discharge side
  • Cycle spray mist device

Sawblade Ø 500mm, smaller blades on request


semi-automatic circular saws

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