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Self-adhesive forgery-proof labels

"We at MOBO are convinced that we are only at the beginning of digitalization. Many areas of our lives, both privately and professionally, will change massively through block chain technologies and the Internet of Things. What is still lacking, however, is unchangeable proof of identity. Without them, products, manufacturers and their consumers are far too easily victims of counterfeiting and abuse.
With Project eXsist we give all products a forgery-proof birth certificate and an unchangeable fingerprint. In this way, every real product, from baby food to expensive spare parts, can be clearly identified and implemented in the digitalisation process".
With eXsist it is possible for the first time for the end consumer to check the origin and authenticity of products before purchase, and to document ownership relationships in a tamper-proof manner. A smartphone of the current generation is all you need.
Manufacturers can protect themselves against product piracy, false warranty claims, as well as financial and image damage with eXist. And this at a fraction of the cost of previous solutions. The damage caused to the European economy alone is estimated at 60 billion euros per year.
An eXsis code is the "birth certificate" and "fingerprint" of a real product.
eXsis codes give any type of product a global, unchangeable identity. This makes eXsis
codes the interface from the real physical world to the virtual digital world.
eXsis codes are forgery-proof and cannot be reproduced in bulk.
eXsis codes do not require expensive peripherals such as RFID or NFC technologies.
eXsis codes do not require special equipment for verification (UV light etc.). This allows a
wide audience to check if the product they want to purchase is an original. All you need is
an up-to-date, commercially available smartphone.
eXsis codes do not require expensive production techniques, special colors or the like. The manufacturing process is many times

product expire date

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