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For over 10 years we are occupied with problem solutions within the range of electrmagnetic, geopathogen and other radiation doses,water refinement as well as therapy devices for fine- material transfer of energy and informations. The company "Weber-Bio-Endergie-Systeme & Umwelttechnologien" developed a harmonization equipment,which shields and harmoonizes biological systems of the impairment by different rediations. Our water refinement equipment,partly with technology can make a substantial improvement for the water quality.All devices are manufactured with highest precision. They do not need electricity,they are maintenance- free, easy to transport and of long life span.Only high-quality materials are used, such as gold, brass, high-grade steel,rock crystals, quartz sand,nature cotton,wax,beech wood. In addition the devices are characterised by beautiful design and easy operability.With many alternative methods the effectiveness is not to be proven according to scientific criteria until today yet.
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