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sm electrics GmbH

Am Wulfsbarg 17
24217 Stakendorf

Company sm electrics Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System sm electrics provide specialized electrical engineering services for naval applications, with a focus on the development, design, manufacturing and distribution of electrical / acoustic alarm systems for marine, offshore and industrial plants. Their key shipborne alarm systems include the Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) and the Light Signal Alarm System (LSAS). Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System BNWAS bwas acoustic alarm systems alarm alarm system audible signal device bnwas bridge alarm system bridge navigational watch alarm system circuit layouts dead man alarm electrical / mechanical components electrical alarm systems engineering work heimbaumindestverordnung b2b light signal alarm light signal alarm system light signal control unit light signal devices local alarm indication lsas marine architecture marine engineering maritime electrical engineering services monitor bridge activity navigator safety system officer of the watch oow optical signal devices personnel alarm system ship builders ship safety ship technology shipborne alarm system shipbuilding ships alarm shipyards sm electrics sm electrics GmbH system visual alarm system watch watch alarm system wiring diagrams.
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