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eisele circular saw spare parts

eisele circular saw spare parts

Pressta-Eisele GmbH

56859-D Bullay
        9 Bergstraße

+49 6542 93620

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eisele circular saw spare parts

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Pressta-Eisele – the problem solver. For nearly 30 years the Pressta-Eisele GmbH has been one of the leading suppliers of machinery for aluminum processing. Our machines, fixtures and cutting tools go into all the world. Our highly trained staff – thanks to our subsidiaries, there are now more than 150 – have a lot of experience, which they always and everywhere use for optimal solutions. These solutions we consider to be our most important task and help you through commissioning, professionally consulting, customer support and software training to optimize your workflow. The core of our business activities are our high performance saws.We offer individual, tailored to your needs solutions. Thanks to a lot of know-how and cutting-edge design and manufacturing equipment, we guarantee quality, second to none.

Infeed conveyor

Steel or PVC roller, width 500mm, Roller distance 250 mm


eisele circular saw spare parts

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