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Double mitre saws dealer

Double mitre saws dealer

Pressta-Eisele GmbH

56859-D Bullay
        9 Bergstraße

+49 6542 93620

+49 6542 936299

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Double mitre saws dealer

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  • A double head mitre saw with disappearing blades specifically
    studied for the tubular steel shapes.
  • Automatic positioning of the movable unit.
  • Electronic positioning of the cutting units on any angle within 45° and 135°.
  • It is equipped with the system TS 690.
  • Frontal and straight blade feed with speed adjustments.
  • Hydro-pneumatic blade feed.
  • Speed of rotation of the blades, variable by means of a
    frequency converter (inverter).
  • Automatic shifting of the support plates of the profile once over the cutting cycle.

Manual positioning of the movable unit

Pneumatic tilting of the heads (90°, 45° or 22,5°).


Double mitre saws dealer

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