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Media distributor for several nozzles

Media distributor for several nozzles

HIESSL Schmiertechnik GmbH

72663-D Großbettlingen
        16 Am See

+49 7022 2444230

+49 7022 24442320

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Media distributor for several nozzles

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We have been producing custom spray bars in various lengths and configurations to customer specifications for decades. The purpose of a spray bar is to apply a precisely controlled film of fluid to adjacent spraying surfaces. Spray bars are generally implemented where there is a large number of surfaces to be sprayed. In this case, the connecting tubing can be linked, making it possible to apply the necessary fluids where space is at a premium. The spray heads are mounted very close together and are protected from outside damage by extruded aluminum profiles.

Precisely controlled film of fluid

Various lengths and configurations


Media distributor for several nozzles

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