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counterfeit-proof product codes without RFID

counterfeit-proof product codes without RFID Mobo Etiketten GmbH

Mobo Etiketten GmbH

78056-D Villingen-Schwenningen
        63 Spittelbronner weg

+49 7720 99580



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counterfeit-proof product codes without RFID

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"We at MOBO are convinced that we are only at the beginning of digitalization. Many areas of our lives, both privately and professionally, will change massively through block chain technologies and the Internet of Things. What is still lacking, however, is unchangeable proof of identity. Without them, products, manufacturers and their consumers are far too easily victims of counterfeiting and abuse. With Project eXsist we give all products a forgery-proof birth certificate and an unchangeable fingerprint. In this way, every real product, from baby food to expensive spare parts, can be clearly identified and implemented in the digitalisation process".

Unchangeable fingerprint

Unchangeable identity

Forgery-proof birth

RFID or NFC technologies


counterfeit-proof product codes without RFID

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