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Magnetic catches screwable

Magnetic catches screwable Brugger GmbH Magnetsysteme

Brugger GmbH Magnetsysteme

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Magnetic catches screwable

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Magnetic catches screwable

According to requirement the holding surface can be used frontal or lateral. With two screws the systems can be fixed safely. The wide systems have two oblong holes, which allow an individual adjustment.

The housing consists of lacquered metal and gives the product a valuable looking and a good strength. With a height of only 10 mm the system appears flat and descreet. A strong neodymium magnet assures a good and safe holding. The holding surface is rubberized which not only provides an agreable closing noice but also protects from scratches. In brief: the systems are solid – of high quality – good looking.

Actually there are two colours available: grey (RAL 9006 aluminium white) and black (RAL 9005 deep black). At delivery the counter-plate is on the holding surface and can be used up to requirement.

Lacquered metal



Magnetic catches screwable

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