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BAM Packaging Materials

BAM Packaging Materials

BAM Packaging Consulting GmbH

22549-D Hamburg
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Fresh food = Doypacks - Gusset Bags - Quad Seal Bags - Films

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Tomorrows packaging solutions for food and non-food applications Striking Doypacks and Standing Pouches for retail excellence, high performance Biodegradable materials for a brighter future and brilliant printed laminates developed to customer needs are some of our solutions for your success.

BAM Packaging Materials Our products and service fulfil the needs of the most demanding customers whilst meeting the price expectations of the market. Our response time is short, our minimum order quantities are small, and our pre-press costs are low. We supply packaging materials to the most exacting standards. All our production sites are accredited with ISO 9001 and our team consists of experienced food technology and packaging technology professionals. For all types of pouches, bags and packaging films we have the solution to suit your process, product and customers. We surpass all presentation standards with our 10 colour roto-gravure and flexographic printing technologies. In line with our very specific focus we advise and support our customers with a full range of packaging equipment and contract packing services. Our goal is to satisfy our customers - 100%, every time.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers - 100%, every time > Skin Care Cleaning Products Confectionery Motor Oil Beverages Soups & Sauces Dried Foods Frozen Foods Pet Food Bulk Packs Retortable Foods Organic Foods


Doypacks/ Standbodenbeutel für frische Lebensmittel

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