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cutting punching combinations

cutting to length and punching aluminum profiles

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cutting & punching combinations

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Cutting and punching combinations refer to machines or systems that integrate both cutting and punching functions into a single unit. These machines are designed to efficiently perform both operations, allowing for increased productivity and versatility in various industries. Here are a few examples of cutting and punching combinations:
  1. CNC Punching and Laser Cutting Machines: These machines combine the capabilities of CNC punching and laser cutting into a single system. They can perform punching operations such as creating holes, notches, or louvers, as well as laser cutting for precise contouring or intricate designs. This combination offers the advantages of both technologies in terms of speed, accuracy, and flexibility.
  2. Combination Punch and Shear Machines: These machines integrate punching and shearing functions. They can punch holes and cut various shapes, while also offering additional capabilities such as angle cutting or bar shearing. Combination punch and shear machines are commonly used in metal fabrication for tasks that require both punching and cutting operations.
  3. Punch and Plasma Cutting Combinations: Some machines combine traditional punching with plasma cutting capabilities. These machines can punch holes, slots, or other shapes while also offering plasma cutting for efficient and precise cutting of metal sheets. This combination provides versatility in processing different materials and allows for a wide range of applications.
  4. Combination Die Cutting and Punching Machines: These machines combine the functions of die cutting and punching. They can cut specific shapes or patterns using a die, while also performing punching operations to create holes or other features. Combination die cutting and punching machines are widely used in industries such as packaging, labeling, or textile production.

Fully automatic operation with graphic controls

Drive 7,5 kW, S6, 400 V, 50 Hz, 2850 rpm.

For use of saw blades Ø 500 or 550 mm.


cutting punching combinations

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