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R-PET films for slip packs

R-PET films (films made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate) can be used for slip packs, providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solution for various products. Slip packs are commonly used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to package tablets, capsules, or other small items, often in a blister format. Here are some benefits and considerations when using R-PET films for slip packs:

  1. Sustainability: R-PET films are made from recycled PET material, which reduces the demand for virgin plastic production and promotes recycling efforts. Using R-PET for slip packs contributes to environmental sustainability by reusing plastic waste.
  2. Recyclability: R-PET films used in slip packs are recyclable, allowing them to be collected and recycled after use. Recycling R-PET helps close the recycling loop and minimize the environmental impact associated with plastic waste.
  3. Customizability: R-PET films can be customized in terms of thickness, transparency, and printability. Manufacturers can create slip packs in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different products. R-PET films can also be printed with product information, branding, and instructions.
  4. Formability: R-PET films can be thermoformed or heat-sealed to create blister pockets that securely hold individual items. The formability of R-PET allows for precise molding, ensuring a snug fit for the products within the blister pockets. Properly formed blister pockets provide protection and prevent damage during handling and transportation.
  5. Barrier Properties: R-PET films can be coated or laminated with barrier materials to enhance their protective properties. Barrier coatings can provide protection against moisture, oxygen, light, and other external factors, ensuring the integrity and freshness of the packaged products.
  6. Visual Appeal: R-PET films can be clear or tinted, allowing consumers to see the contents of the blister pockets. Transparency is essential for pharmaceutical products, enabling users to identify the medication easily.
  7. Compliance: R-PET films used in slip packs can be manufactured to meet regulatory requirements, including those related to food safety and pharmaceutical packaging standards.

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