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Watch Alarm System

Watch Alarm System - Operating Device (Controller) LOD, black polycarbonat

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Watch Alarm System - Operating Device (Controller)
The bridge navigational watch alarm system monitors bridge activity and detects operator disability that could lead to marine accidents.

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The Watch Alarm System monitors the awareness of the Officer Of the Watch (OOW) and automatically alerts the Master or another qualified person if for any reason the OOW becomes incapable. This is achieved by series of indications and alarms to alert first the OOW and, if he is not responding, then to alert Master or another qualified person. The Watch Alarm System with a

modern control philosophy with rotary encoder allows to check all connected devices and links

easy and comfortable use on bridge area or for engine room

2 x 16 character display with blue night illumination generates maximum of information and comfort

Power supply : 18,0...31,2 V

Power consumption : max. 8,2 W

Power consumption : nominal 4,0 W

Weight : 0,2 kg

Evenness of mounting surface : < 0,1 mm

IP 22 front sided

Panel surface : black polycarbonat


Watch Alarm System

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